Chained Lessons Deaf Kanhaiya

When your teacher’s thoughts overlap yours😌

The Parallel World

I logged in to my Facebook account today to find teachers’ day specials and Kanhaiya’s happy birthday moments without the cake (not even the egg-less one). I ‘liked’ the pictures where teachers posed for the camera on the one day they are celebrated with so much love and care that they begin to believe everything is alright with the world and the bubble is more transparent. Come Monday, bubble poked and left wherever it arose from, life-is-such-a-monotony, they begin and “Ma’am, I think you need a break” raises an alarm with red and blue sirens both, forcing passersby to stop and make way for back-bending bags laden with bricks called books. Tuesday, Wednesday and still life goes on, without a comma, a semi-colon. Somewhere, some teachers seized the day and went on hunger-strike, boycotting THEIR day, sobbing in front of cameras, begging for guru-dakshinas, beating chests and shouting ‘our…

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Because of you ….

They said you cannot see love,

You can only feel it .

But everytime I look into those hazel eyes,

I see love…..

 They said you cannot touch love,

You can only feel it .

But everytime your finger touches mine

I touch love…..

They said you cannot hear love,

You can only feel it.

But everytime I hear your laughter pouring out,

I hear love…..

They said you cannot smell love,

You can only feel it.

But everytime your fragnance intoxicates me ,

I smell love ……


The dream …. (part1)

I had a dream. A weird dream.

It was nightfall.  I was in the forest wandering cluelessly through the trees. A thick blanket of mist that covered the ground gave the terrain a chilling and enchanted feel. I was cold and was probably in the strangest type of clothing. My hair was in curls and my garments in rags. On top of that I had been wearing boots which I hated the most. 

Finding no way to escape I decided to move ahead. Making my way I searched for a clearing. The mist blurred my vision. Every tree became a black smudge. Looking up the trees began to dance as the wind swayed in the night sky. Moonlight simmered through the tree tops seeming to illuminate brighter than ever as the mist rose into the air, trapping me in an eternal fog of white. 

(…to be continued) 


Memories  are  burden,
Which  weight  down  your  mind.
It  won’t  allow you  to  move  forward,
Unless  you  leave  some  behind .   


When everything goes out

What remains is 


But believe  me


is so powerful

That it kills you from within…

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